Fencing Types

There are various fence options that you can choose from. If you want to go through some of the possible choices you can incorporate in your home, then here are some of them. 



  1. Bamboo Fence

Bamboo is very friendly to the environment. It is grown in a natural manner and has been hitting the market big time. Due to its appeal, many homeowners are going for bamboo fences.  

There are also styles that you can choose from if you opt for a bamboo fence. Bamboo cane as well as rolled bamboo incorporates the use of a pole to link the bamboos together and is a sturdy combination. There are also homeowners that want a bit more natural look on their homes that’s why they prefer live bamboos. Live bamboos grow about a foot annually however live bamboos may not be the best hope if you live in a location that has mostly cold weather all year round. 

  1. Electric Fence

This type of fence is often not visible to the eye. It is often for the protection of pets. It is installed to secure the and not let them roam in the road or outside your home. As the name of the fence is called, this fence type uses electricity. A transmitter which has a wireless connection is setup near the area in order to activate or deactivate the wire used for the electrical purpose of the fence. The pet also has a collar to let him or her know the boundary. This is done through transmission of signal that can only be heard by your pet and prevents him from getting hurt from bumping into the invisible fence. 

  1. Chain Link Fence

This is a type of fence that offers very little privacy. Since this fence type is for basic fence purposes, this fence type is very affordable but very durable as well. This fence type is often found in schools. 

If you are a homeowner that is fond of planting vine plants, then you may fancy this fence. It adds a good basic protection for your home however if you want to add a pop of color as well as add a little privacy to your home, you can take advantage of the vines from your plant to do that for you.  

  1. Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fence is known for its extreme strength and resistance to paint. If you are in a neighborhood with a lot of graffiti, then your fence is safe. You can easily get rid of graffiti if you have a vinyl fence, moreover, you can also rely on it with other stain concerns. You just have to prepare soap and water to get the job done. 

If you are worried about maintenance, don’t be! Vinyl fence is strong and very flexible thus you won’t be having problems regarding warping or dents as well. 

If you were thinking about wooden or metal fences, then you can proceed with those option too. These mentioned are provided to further your preferences or choices. If you are looking for people to install it for you, you can rely on fence contractors Vacaville CA. You can easily contact and set an appointment with them through vacavillefencecompany.com.  

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