The heating and cooling that your home provides is critical in keeping your home at a healthy and comfortable temperature, more than that, it also ensures that in maintaining the system related to both heating and cooling, your electric bill is reflected with just the right amount.  

You may be confident with your heating and cooling system in your home however, just like any their appliance in your home, a time comes that it will need some fixing.  

  1. Thermostat

The thermostat is the part of your heating and cooling system that has control over the temperature of your home. One you set your thermostat in your desired temperature but you are receiving or feeling a temperature that does not equate to the temperature that you just input into the thermostat, then maybe you’re heating and cooling system has some concerns that needs your attention.  

Another indication maybe how your ac does not turn off or different input of temperature just brings out the same coolness of heat.  

If this is the issue you are facing, you are most likely encountering a wiring problem. Have your hvac system checked and ensure you have no further problems as well. 

  1. Dry Filter

A dry filter simply implies that the filter you have in your heating and cooling system is filled with dust and dirt. If the filter in your heating no cooling system is clogged, you will certainly have problems with air quality. More than that, it can also bring hazard to your family. If you have someone at home that has allergy problems, dry or dirty filters can easily trigger the condition. Moreover, since there is very little ventilation, fire can possible occur as well. 

  1. Refrigerant

The refrigerant is the compound responsible in cooling your home. It will cause your ac to produce an uncool air and can trade your comfort ability in the process. This issue is best solved with the help of a professional. Moreover, an issue like this should be solved directly as well or you can sleep in discomfort due to hot air released by your air conditioning system. HVAC repair San Francisco offers hvac services that will help you with your problem. Simply check out 

  1. Sensor

The sensors in your heating and cooling system provides a way to stop the air conditioning in your home or stop the heater from functioning. It is a tool necessary to ensure that your heating system as well as your cooling system is turned off or turned on when needed. If the sensor breaks, you will have a problem is using too much without anyone around in your home to benefit from or it simply won’t turn off when you need it. This brings two major concerns. One, discomfort due to uncontrollable turning on and off and two, unexpected skyrocket of electricity bill.  

These are some of problems encountered concerning the heating and cooling system in your home. It can challenge you to fix it yourself however calling for a professional to do the fix is wiser to avoid unnecessary problems in the future.